June 11th

Eye Exercises  ⁄  Myopia and Binocular Vision Development, part 1

With myopia (nearsightedness), because of low visual acuity, the ability to fix both eyes on the target is often defective. The point of intersection of the visual axes is called the point of binocular fixation or bifixation.  The point of bifixation must be located on the visual object in order to create the fusion of visual images, which is known as binocular vision. But a lot of people use only one eye to create a picture, which is called monocular vision. This person doesn’t notice the difference because monocular vision can provide a good picture too. If you develop binocular vision, though, it will give you 20% growth of your visual acuity, and you will develop proper visual skills such as three-dimensional vision and depth estimation. These skills will help you cope with the more complex exercises of the dynamic fixation method.

Lesson 8 – Myopia and Binocular Vision Development, part 1

As you may have noticed, I always try to use simple things that are always at hand for the exercises. In this exercise, you will use your fingers. Affix the visual target onto the wall. Stand 2-3 meters opposite it.

Clench your right fist and point the forefinger up. Look at the visual target and place your right hand 30-40 cm opposite your face so that the tip of your forefinger is on the visual axis. If both eyes take part in the visual act equally, you will see the forefinger divided into two on either side of the visual target as in the picture below.


Now look at the tip of your forefinger. You will see the visual target divided into two as in the picture below.


Move your eyesight from the target to the tip of your forefinger and back several times. Pay attention to the translucency of your fingers. You can see objects behind your fingers as if you are seeing through them.  If the brightness is the same every time you look at the target and see the finger divided into two, and if you see the target divided into two when you look at the finger, it means that your eyes take part in the visual act equally. But it may be when looking at the visual target one of the forefinger images is bright and the other is dim or invisible.

At the picture below the right eye  is dominant:


At the picture below the left eye  is dominant:


Now look at the target and close your right and left eyes in turn. When looking with the right eye, the finger image will be on the left side of the visual target. When looking with the left eye, the finger image will be on the right side of the visual target. Look with each eye in turn for several times to make the brightness of the finger image equal. When you have achieved this, you have activated a weak eye. Then start looking with both eyes so that in looking at the target you can see two half-translucent images of the forefinger with equal brightness.

To be continued…

Take care of your eyes.

Get rid of myopia the natural way.

Dr. Arkadiy Davydov.

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  1. Abida:

    30.11.2012 at 09:49 #


    I loved this excercise.Thank you so much.


  2. Ishtiaq:

    09.05.2015 at 19:45 #

    When i see at the finger’s tip,i see only one image of the finger like in the last picture above but in my case there is no other image.What should i do now?
    1)how many seconds should a stare at the finger tip and spot?
    Even I can do Dynamic divergence exercise but i am unable to make 2 images of the finger when looking at the spot.

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