August 8th

Eye Exercises  ⁄  Myopia and Relaxation Massage, part 1

In myopia, the extraocular muscles get weak as a result of using the wrong visual skills. The weakened muscles in turn can not put forth enough effort to see properly. To solve this problem, you should do exercises to develop the right visual skills. These exercises strengthen the extraocular muscles and allow you to control them properly. Doing them regularly, you can feel how your muscles work and you will start to feel your muscles tired after the exercises. This is a normal side-effect indicating that your muscles need a rest. We also can feel tiredness and the strain of the extraocular and mimic muscles after intensive visual work. To relax the muscles, you should do these special exercises.

Lesson 10 – Myopia and Relaxation Massage, part 1

Clench the right hand in a fist, with the thumb bent at a right angle (90 degrees) resting on the forefinger.


Close your eyes and press the middle thumb joint to the bridge of your nose.


The first kind of relaxation massage is the “Figure Eight”. Start moving the thumb from the bridge of the nose to the right over the right eyebrow, then move the thumb around the right eye and return to the bridge of the nose under the eye. Repeat this on the left side by continuing the movement over the outside of the left eyebrow, pass the thumb around the left eye and return to the bridge of the nose under the eye. The movement will create an outline in the form of the number eight. Repeat this movement twenty times in succession. The pressure that you exert with your thumb should be of a medium force: you want to knead the reflex points around your eyes but you do not want to cause pain. After you have done twenty figure eights, you will feel pleasant relaxation of the face and eye muscles.


To be continued…

Take care of your eyes. Get rid of myopia the natural way.

Dr. Arkadiy Davydov.

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    This exercises feel fine, very pleasent!

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    Thank You!

  3. Eye exercises for best vision:

    22.11.2015 at 23:00 #

    […] follow the multi colored circle in the middle column for 3 minutes. Forgot the warm-up before and relaxation massage […]

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